Brooke began building her personal brand from the age of two when she insisted on joining her first dance class, from this moment she knew dance would be a huge part of her life. Brooke's entire school and post-secondary school life has been orientated towards her career in dance.

As a reflective practitioner, Brooke constantly evaluates her own personal teaching and learning using feedback from students and other like-minded professionals.  With a diverse knowledge of various dance styles which she has developed from over 14 years of dedicated teaching and 30 years of learning and performing.  Brooke has very high expectations of both herself and her students and strongly believes dance has taught her many life skills such as, resilience, determination, team work, self-confidence and self-worth but most important a hunger for success and the ability to reach her goals.

Brooke believes in hard work, discipline, honesty and respect. "My greatest joy in life is helping people achieve their goals, and inspiring passion and excitement in what is most important to individuals." With a background in, dance performance, choreography, secondary teaching, event styling and entrepreneurship Brooke's passions lie in acknowledging these components, working collaboratively and creating magic in any challenge given to her.

"I believe that life is dance and I’m just here to help you choreograph it."